Advice on Privacy & Security Practices

Advice on Privacy & Security Practices

While we do everything we can to safeguard your personal information and assets, your efforts are just as important. Here are tips to help you stay safe.

Some of the commonly overlooked habits:

  • Using one passcode for every account (e.g. Device passcode is same as your Swirl Wallet passcode)
  • Using one email for every account (e.g. Same email address for various crypto wallets, services, and exchanges)
  • Keeping your passcode on your device (e.g. Storing your password as a screenshot or in Notes in plain-text)

Any of these sound familiar? If so, you could be at risk. The good news is that you can easily change these habits!

DO’s and DON’Ts

When it comes to privacy and security, every detail matters. We believe that the following best practices are worth taking the time to follow and make compromises for.

  • Always set a unique passcode for your SwirlWallet Account
    This will help protect your data and funds in case you lose your device. Also, if you’re targeted as a crypto holder for a password hack, bad actors will find out everything they can about you in an attempt to guess your passcode using information like your birthday, age, and favourite numbers.
  • Use a unique email address/alias to register an account
    By setting up a unique email address/alias when signing up for a new account, you can be sure that this email address has not been leaked to spammers or hackers via other company/industry mailing list breaches. It’s one of the many steps you should take to better protect yourself from phishing.
  • Use strong and unique passwords (consider installing password management software)
    With a password manager, you can free your mind from having to remember multiple password combinations. Just make sure your master password is strong yet easy for you to remember, like phrases which are only meaningful to you. Length is the most critical factor in a strong password, and when combined with upper case, lower case, and special characters, makes it significantly harder for hackers to brute force your account. Also, remember to avoid using personal information that can easily be guessed or found on social media. Never re-use the same password for different platforms!